Nik and Max at Troll Lounge, Fargo. 2022.

Nik Gruber and Max Johnk are improvising musicians who have developed a strong bond over several years and countless gigs. Known for their work as freelance players and for appearances in bands such as The Knotties, Hot Lunch, and Wild Amphora, Nik and Max began playing regularly as a duo at The Troll Lounge of Fargo in 2022. The project began as a workout on the Great American Songbook, and has since expanded to include just about anything with a strong tune. Jazz, folk, grunge, and hip hop are all fair game, as are missives on science fiction and how uncomfortable weather usually is. Both have access to transportation, and would love to play music in your favorite venue, or at your private event.

For booking and other inquiries, email and

Recorded at The Troll Lounge , Fargo ND, 2022. All songs are property of their respective copyright holders.

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